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Shared Web Hosting Vs Dedicated Web Hosting

50When you are looking for the perfect web hosting solution for your website, you need to know the differences to be able to make an informed decision. Here you can understand the basic differences between shared and dedicated web hosting. Also, you will be able to better judge exactly how a certain web hosting system will affect you and your website.

Server Response

When you have a dedicated server, the speed is quite high because only you are operating on it. Also, the response time is much lower, as you do not have to share space with 100 other websites with their own traffic. When it comes to a shared server, there are multiple other websites with their own steady traffic and requests for files. This can slow down the entire server. A shared server also experiences more crashes than a dedicated one.


On the other hand, having your own dedicated web hosting server can prove to be quite expensive. Since you have more control, more freedom and are directly managing your server, with an exclusive IP address, the cost will obviously be much higher. In a shared server system, the cost is spread out across various users, making it a much more affordable option. The price, in both cases, also depends upon the server configuration and specifications.

Resource Restrictions

Shared hosting comes with a number of limitations, such as:

  1. Limited number of files;
  2. Limit on individual database size;
  3. Limit on the number of email accounts and their individual size;
  4. It does not allow file storage.


With shared hosting, you run the risk of sharing server space with other websites that are engaged in spam activities. On identifying such activities, the search engines will black-list the IP address, resulting in severe traffic loss for your website.


In a dedicated web hosting plan, you have much higher control in terms of web applications, such as Cold Fusion, ASP and eCommerce. You have the freedom to make changes, you can expand as and when you like, and set the budget on your own. In a shared server system, you do not have this advantage.

Although the above points make it sound as though shared web hosting in not a good option, this is not entirely true. If you are a small or medium sized business, shared web hosting is a good option. Dedicated hosting is best if you have high traffic and mission-critical situations.

A Consumer’s Guide to Choosing a Web Hosting Service

49Any website can benefit from good hosting. This is a basic need for your brand, business and website. Whenever a server is down, it could cause potential harm and damage to everything you have worked hard for. So, if you want to protect your website, see to it that you choose a reputable web host.

Nowadays, it could be hard to choose among web hosting providers since it is easy to be overwhelmed by the attractive promotions they hurl at us. In case you are planning to get a web hosting account, take a look at the following article before you get lured by the different tempting offers and marketing hype.

Here are a number of guidelines to make a wise decision in getting your web hosting account:

Free Domain Gimmick

Though getting a free domain sounds great, there are some aspects you need to consider before signing up for a free domain:

Who is the owner of the domain? While the domain is free, it is still owned by the hosting company. This means you are stuck with the hosting company and to buy back the domain, you have to pay the price.

How about the renewal? It may be free during the first year, but the moment you renew it, you have to pay a renewal fee of $19.95, which is a 200% mark-up from the average cost of a domain name.

When researching, make sure to ask questions to know who is the owner of the domain and if the renewal fees are reasonable.

Separate Domain and Hosting

You do not need to register domain names with the same company you use for hosting. This does not mean, though, that you cannot trust your current web host. This is more about getting a reputable and efficient registrar from the beginning. Your domain name is considered your identity online. It is precious and irreplaceable. On the other hand, hosting services are only meant to accommodate your site.

This can be a subject for argument. Certainly, web-hosting companies would want you to register your domain with them as additional revenue. However, this can be a problem in case the web host goes down with your domain.

Be Familiar with Terms like Bandwidth and Disk Space

When people shop for shared web hosting, they often ignore terms like bandwidth and disk space. What will you do when your website becomes popular and draws in millions of visitors? Are you willing to pay the high costs of huge data transfer?

While most websites won’t go way beyond their bandwidth by mere traffic, it can possibly happen when files are available for downloading in your website.

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A Simple Guide to Small Business Web Hosting

48Web hosting can be complex at times, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. However, if you can familiarize yourself with the basic types of web hosting, it can be a smooth process.

Nowadays, many small businesses have invested dramatically in web hosting services, with various hosting packages available for as little as just over $5 dollars a month.

What is web hosting?
The written content you post on a website needs to be stored somewhere particular. This particular storage is known as the server – a computer device stuffed with software, which is responsible for hosting all the files on your website.

The four basic types of web hosting
If your website draws at least 100,000 visitors daily it requires a specific feature compared to a website that only attracts 100 visitors per day. There are various packages on the market. Here are the four basic types of hosting for small businesses to choose.

1. Shared hosting
This is primarily low cost hosting for small, start-up businesses and is usually available for less than $20 a month. The main disadvantage is the lack of control over the entire hosting service. This is applicable for people who got small budget. If you want to enjoy every aspect of your website, then it’s not a good option for you. But if you have tight budget, then you can chose this, as this is cheap.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
VPS enables control over hosting, but it too is limited. This server is popular with small businesses that want to have control, even over limited features.

3. Dedicated server and co-location facilities
Dedicated and co-location facility servers allow owners to have total control over the entire server. However, total control means a corresponding price, making it costly and complex. This works best for large companies who require control most of the time. With this kind of server, one business has total access and control of every factor that configures the entire server. The co-location feature offers support and maintenance that will ensure your server doesn’t have any problems.

4. Cloud hosting
Cloud hosting varies, depending on the storage capacity a business needs. There are cloud servers that allow owners to control, but it’s limited. This is perfect for start-ups with inconsistent web traffic. Although new to many business owners, it is great because you only have to pay for the capacity you use.

Helpful Information To Choose a Good Web Hosting Plan for a Website

47A fully functional and receptive website is what businesses of today’s world rely on. Having a good domain registration is a marker of trust.

When it comes to getting your website up on the Internet, getting the right domain registration completed is always at the top priority. Getting the best web hosting is also important, but you ought to ensure for a reliable service too.

Making the right choice of a service depends on your needs. The kind of website being built, the variety of applications to support, the expected volume of traffic, getting the appropriate domain registration, ensuring good web hosting, govern your consideration process. It is always good to begin with a shared account which gives simple maintenance, and allows possibilities for further expansion. Having a good domain and web hosting is one thing. What is highly important is whether your website remains accessible to your potential visitors. Reliability of the web hosting is a huge deal-breaker in choosing a web hosting. Powerful and steady connections that have an up-time score of more than 99.9% are the most important you should go for.

A good web hosting is always beneficial for your website in many ways. However, you can also benefit from domain registration that allow multiple domains as addons. If you are expecting your website to grow in tandem to the growth of business, you should opt for a service that allows up-gradation in memory, processing, and security at any point of time with a shorter processing time period. A very important aspect that is overlooked many times is renewal pricing. This is where a web hosting makes the best value for cost. Some offer exclusive price at signup, but charges become higher on renewals. The only way to circumvent this is to change your hosts every couple of years, which can be quite an unnecessary headache. Always check the terms of service when you sign-up for a service provider.

In case your website caters to the e-commerce business sector or requires the provision of financial transactions to be carried out, apart from choosing a swanky name during domain registration, you should always choose a service that offers enough features to support your needs along with cheapest plan options. Some well-known features such as SSL encryption, exclusive IP allocation, shopping cart functionality, are essential to be provided by the service provider. Another feature that adds professionalism is to get your own email with your domain registration. Most web hosting, even with cheap plan options, offer this and there’s something special about having an email address with your domain at the end of it.

Being smart during domain registration and taking care of simple aspects while choosing a good web hosting option provided by a reliable service is essential for getting your website the right amount of visibility and ranking that it requires., a division of Hostin Services Private Limited, is a leading provider Domain Registration and cheap web hosting service, for individuals and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India. Hostin Services Private Limited is a privately held company founded in 1999. We have our own server setup and framework created in India, head office spotted in Pune, 100 miles from Mumbai, the business capital of India. Our quality and applauded services makes us no#1 in India with all the more then 16 thousands fulfilled client on the planet. It’s a simple registration procedure, basic and compelling web hosting arrangement and 24×7 technical support improve a stage for all your online need.

A Simple Guide on Finding Cheap Web Hosting

46Cheap web hosting opens a lot of possibilities for people who want to create their own website. With their help, you will be able to set up your site, may it be for personal use or to promote your company. Once you have already established that you are indeed looking for cheap web hosting providers, there are some things that you have to consider. If you look out for these things, you can be sure that you’ll find for yourself a reliable cheap web hosting provider.

Free setup is one of the things that you need to look out for as you decide on getting services from a cheap web hosting company. If the provider tells you that there is a fee for setup, then do not choose them. The setup is easy to accomplish and asking for a fee is just unreasonable. If they ask you to pay for setup, they are just looking out for another way to milk extra cash from you.

Unlimited space and bandwidth is also important to consider when you are looking for cheap web hosting providers. Before, you will not be able to find an inexpensive hosting company that will offer you with unlimited space and bandwidth. Fortunately, this is no longer the case today. This allows you to do more with your website.

To find a cheap web hosting company that you can rely on, it is of the essence for you to be able to assess their service for a minimum of thirty days. There are a lot of hosts that provide you with money-back guarantees. If you do not like the service that they provide, you can inform them of your complaint and you can get your cash back. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with their service, you can stick with their company.

Client support is another thing that a cheap web hosting provider should be able to offer. There are some instances when you will encounter some errors and you’ll need some assistance to fix them. A dependable client support will be able to help you any hour of the day and any day of the week. In addition, their staff has sufficient knowledge.